You know how single women over 50 want to find their soulmate, but struggle with dating disasters and are afraid they may give up? I show them how to make dating fun again and enjoy the journey to finally meeting their “love match.” Through individual coaching, we develop a magnetic dating plan aimed at finding your soulmate at last!

If you have been single for a while and dream of having a long term relationship but don’t know where to start, I provide you with creating the changes necessary to lift emotional barriers and build self-esteem so that you will attract the best highest quality long term relationship you ever had!

Many benefits can be derived from private coaching. As a certified coach and licensed professional with over 25 years of counseling you will get a personalized tailored plan for successful dating. By identifying and lifting emotional barriers to finding your committed relationship, you can confidently move forward into the next chapter of your life. Best of all, you can learn relationship strategies that are tried and true for finding your soulmate.


  •  Learn to love yourself more and build positive self-esteem.
  •  Gain access to the most magnetic relationship strategies on the planet.
  •  Partner with a Coach who leads the way to finding love matches.
  •  Clean out old habits and bad programming that keep you stuck.
  •  Enjoy a confidential alliance while keeping your best interest at heart.
  •  Identify what you really want in a long term relationship.

WHY HIRE ME TO COACH YOU? Hint: I’ve been there and done that.

Not only am I a licensed professional with a boat load of helpful experiences to draw upon, I am also a certified coach with a unique gift to offer you. In the past, I was single and struggling with a broken heart from a failed marriage. As with most divorcees, I conjured up the nerve to date again; but found out quickly that I was out of practice in the dating scene.  This negative hurtful dating pattern went on for 15 years before I got wise and hired a coach to help me, and wow I am glad I did!!! After working with a Soulmate Coach myself, I learned how to heal my prior wounds and make room for new love to come in. If working with someone who has been in your shoes appeals to you, let’s work together to clear away obstacles on your path to manifesting your ideal committed relationship. Meeting and marrying my own soulmate has been the best move I every made in my life! I wish you similar success. Schedule your complimentary 60 minute Finding Your Soulmate consultation today!

Jo Ann C. Simmons, MA, RCC
* Author * Public Speaker * Love & Relationship Coach
“Spreading love around the world one relationship at a time.”

Services Include:

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“I recommend the services of Jo Ann Simmons as a trusted coach unequivocally. She is a great guide for those that are seeking clarity in life, love and relationships. She is honest and trustworthy. She knows how to inspire the people she works with. Being coached by her helped me more than words can describe.”–Sarena S. Morello, MS, LMHC-Transformational Live Coach, CEO ShaktiMusic

“Jo Ann is a compassionate and trusted coach with years of expertise behind her. She understands how to heal and create new relationships by attracting the right person in your life. I highly recommend her coaching services.”–Rosalind Sedacca, CTT – Relationship Coach, Victorious Woman of the Year Award!