“ Secrets to Enjoying Your First Date”

by soulmate on July 29, 2013

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“Getting out there again” is much easier for singles people when they employ pre-dating strategies. Learn how to pre-pave the way before you go on that first date. This method works to calm those dating jitters and turn the date into a fun-filled night. This “turn around” method is based on effective tools designed to help single folks not only find that great relationship they are seeking; but more importantly, enjoy being single and happy right now! Before going on a date, picture your evening turning out just great. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Create a compelling vision that involves all of your senses. These images create feelings of excitement; such as enjoying lovely smells, listening to the sounds of upbeat music, hearing laughter, and to top it off imagine going to sleep that night with a smile on your face! The more vivid we imagine, the quicker the results.  Try this simple tool before going on your first date and see how much fun dating can be!


Ease Into Dating

by soulmate on June 1, 2013

group presentationsThere are so many ways to experience dating. For the newly single person the idea of dating can be very  intimidating. How can you handle getting in the swing of meeting single people after being out of the game for so long? There are several safe ways to break the ice.  One starting point is to announce to family and friends that you are ready to meet someone special. This announcement can be tricky, and needs to be handled diplomatically. You may want to be personally introduced to their friends and circle of friends because some people enjoy playing the role of cupid. I know a woman who asked each of her friends to fix her up with at least one person. The more casual the meeting grounds, (ie. parties, weddings, social functions), the easier it is for you to move on to another person if the vibes are not right. Become honest early in the game. I there is no chemistry between you, let them know that you view them as a friend, not as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Be kind and gentle with them. If you like them, be assertive and mention some way that you can get together with them again.


Does Will Power Help Find True Love?

May 25, 2013

 Most of our lives we are taught to comply with other peoples values and ideas. Just finding your own will power takes patience. “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, and know when to fold’em.” This country and western song tells it like it is. It’s up to you to use your will power to […]

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Nip Holiday Burn-out in the Bud!

November 21, 2012

Most people claim to be multi-tasking, when what they are really doing is wearing them out by trying to do too many things at once. Multi-tasking is a very misunderstood activity. Here are some tips to help you multi-task effectively without burning yourself out during this holiday period. Try pairing activities. Try combining one activity […]

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