Group Coaching

Jo Ann offers group teleconference coaching, live presentations and on-going follow-up monthly support.

Do you need to be fired up?
Don’t do it alone. You can get a little extra help from your friends. Meeting as a group, is very powerful! It helps a lot to listen to what others are going through. You can gain new ideas and get positive feedback from a new group members who want you succeed. Group coaching often builds courage and self-esteem along with the momentum to create change. It also helps you network on a more personal level, and learn resources you may not have thought about. Who benefits from group coaching? A person who enjoys the fun of sharing and learning with others. Someone who is supportive and listens well, and is ready to celebrate the success of others as well as their own success. Most likely they are a professional person who wants a loving, committed, long-term relationship. He or she is ready to invest the time and energy it takes to find that wonderful partner.

Sharing positive intentions encourages breakthrough results.
Group coaching is a highly interactive, personal, and mutually beneficial experience. Through skillful facilitation, you can use the dynamic group energy to help dissolve fear, build more confidence and to get clear about what you really want. Each week, the group is focused on topics related to personal goals and taking action steps designed to meet those goals.

You can expect to think “outside the box.”
Do you like to laugh? This method of paradigm shifting helps to loosen up the grip on taking ourselves too seriously. Having fun while being productive at the same time is quite useful in softening emotional blocks. Bringing laughter and fun into the group experience lifts the spirit all the while you are dreaming up new possibilities. By experiencing small successes, you are able to move through obstacles easier while building up the courage to tackle bigger ones. By participating in this group approach, you will gain the momentum necessary to take action steps while you feel like you are breathing fresh air!

Where you can expect to start first.
Loving yourself first is the most important component in creating awesome relationships. By asking carefully crafted questions and providing homework exercises, you will arrive at your unique truth and create powerful intentions aimed at living an empowered life. During our meetings, you will be asked laser focused questions allowing your insights and ideas to flow freely. You can benefit from my 25+ years of counseling experiences as I challenge, support and inspire you to take consistent action steps. My skills as a facilitator places a light on your rich inner life and help reflect that light into your outer life.

Live presentations for groups.
Jo Ann is available to travel where single people gather. She can offer workshops, interactive power-point presentation or simply kick-off your meeting with a list of suggested topics. She can create a unique topics of your choice to present as well. She specializes in using the Law of Attraction to find true love.

How to get started?
The first step is to set up a 30-minute phone session to meet each other. This is an opportunity to determine if coaching together would be a great fit. Coaching is a two-way process, and it’s important that both parties feel comfortable about working together. After that initial meeting I can suggest a program may work best for you.