Individual Coaching

Why one-on-one coaching is a perfect fit for you!

  1. Stop the pain resulting from disastrous dating.
  2. Create change that lifts you up and gets you excited about dating again.
  3. Visualize and create the perfect long-term relationship that works best for you.
  4. Lift emotional blocks that have been holding you back from receiving love.
  5. Learn to love yourself and use the Law of Attraction to pave the way!

Why choose me to work with?

How would you like to work with me, a certified coach and licensed professional who has over 25 years of counseling experiences and has touched the lives of thousands of people in profound ways? I want you to enjoy a successful long-term relationship with your soulmate, just like I have for fifteen years. By coaching with me, you can follow the same proprietary magnetic soulmate formula that offers the best relationship strategies on the planet and attract your own love at last. You don’t have to do it alone, I will be your mentor and cheerleader all the way to the finish line.

How would it feel for someone to get you?

After identifying emotional barriers that keep you stuck, you will gain access to clearing out these obstacles and create changes to make dating easier and more fun. Learning how to love yourself first is essential in building healthy relationships with others. Together we will explore and design a dating plan that suits your personality and interest. Whether or not you would like to attend single events, hire a dating service or set up personal networks; your path to dating success will be met with more ease and excitement.

Coaching encourages thinking “outside the box.”

When I was single for 15 years, I made so many mistakes in the world of dating. It took hiring my own Soulmate Coach to act as a mirror for me to see what I was doing and help me get out of the rut I found myself in. By creating a plan of action, I was able to shift my thinking and change my defeating behavior. Hiring a coach was the best move of my life! After making a few internal shifts, I found the love of my life! We are celebrating our 15 year marriage in October.

How to get started.

Sign up for your free 60 minute Finding your Soulmate consultation today. Gain an amazing start on your journey to finding true love.