Why Booking an Experienced Presenter Pays Off!

If you are looking for a highly interactive and informative group experience, then consider hiring Jo Ann to instruct, motivate and entertain your audience.  Through the use of PowerPoint, audience participation, and group dynamic activities, your group members will gain the rare opportunity to form a cohesive group experience. There’s nothing like sharing new ideas and action plans to kick off a new campaign. Make this event the one to remember for a long time to come!

Which Audiences Benefit the Most?

  • Dating Services
  • Church Groups
  • Singles Events
  • Conferences
  • Expo’s
  • Meet-up Groups
  • Travel Tours

Suggested Presentations

Turn Dating in to Exceptional Mating! — Learn about how the Law of Attraction principals can be used to bring the best relationship ever directly to you. Find out why relationships fall apart quickly and how to gain a long-lasting and committed relationship that works.

Juggling a Busy Life…Without Losing Your Marbles!!! — By blending humor with practical tools, learn how to quickly disarm the feeling of being overwhelmed. This presentation has people thinking; I never knew that staying calm in the midst of chaos could be that simple!

10 Dating Mistakes to Avoid on the Road to Blissful Love! — This presentation is a must for single people who have experienced trouble finding the right person to get involved with. It covers 10 dating mistakes and how to correct them. Learn the most import keys to attract lasting love.

The Art of Human Magnificence! — Tools designed to challenge limiting beliefs and become “the most magnificent person you were meant to be.” You will be guided into stretching your inner genius and encouraged to check off items on your bucket list.

Presentations given to military members and their families! — Stress Reduction, Communications, Anger Management, Marriage with a Mission, Bullying, Battle Mind, Early Childhood Development, Improving Couples Communications, Reducing High Risk Behavior, Deployments and Reintegration after Deployment.

Dreams Help You Get What You Want! — How nighttime dreams, day dreams and visions are the greatest gift you can imagine. Learn how to recognize the pearls of wisdom hidden in your nighttime dreams and learn how to work them.

Presentations given to employees, business owners, staff and students

Outdoor Power and Equipment– Juggling a Busy Life
Seaman’s Electronic Corporation– De-stressing in the Work Place
Venture Circle Associates– Learning Styles in Business Settings
Venture Circle Associates-The Power of Now in the Workplace
Ohio University– Grass Roots Development for Career Education
Orange County Schools– Building Assets for Healthy Youth Today
Orlando County Convention Center– Building Healthy Assets in Youth
Broward County, Florida Schools– Improving Human Relations
Nova University– Integrating Motivational Learning into School Curriculum


Registered Corporate Coach- Affiliate
Focus on Florida Youth- Board Member

Books Written:

Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You– by Jo Ann Simmons
10 Steps to Your Magnificent Relationship E-Course– by Jo Ann Simmons


“Jo Ann is an experienced certified coach whose strategies and techniques are highly effective in helping clients find their ideal relationship. I absolutely recommend her services if you are ready to find that special person.”–Amy Sherman, MA, LMHC, Relationship Coach

“Jo Ann brings an element of seasoned wisdom and demonstrates a sense of ease when speaking to an audience.”–Mary Scott Singer – Soul Collage® Facilitator, Business Owner