Products & Services

Small Group Coaching Program:

Your Perfect Love Match is a limited enrollment, three-month live Teleclass (5-7 participants) designed to help single men and women find true love… at last! 

Invest in yourself and design the beautiful future you deserve. Raise your energy level high enough to become a magnet for love by answering powerful questions, completing exercises and doing homework assignments during the pre-dating time frame. If you feel stuck in negative dating patterns, the tools you will acquire from this class can help you shift away from old destructive dating patterns and gain new strategies that help create more happiness!


One-on-One Coaching Package:

Finding True Love is a three-month, seven hour individual coaching package designed to help men and women find true love…at last!  

Finding True Love Coaching Package begins with a one hour (60 minutes) coaching session designed to assess your needs, identify smart goals and inspire you to take action. The remaining six sessions meet twice (2) monthly for three (3) consecutive months. These sessions are personalized to address the specific needs of the client. A suggested outline is listed below to give meaningful content to each session.


Ultimate Relationship Coaching – One-on-One Coaching Session:

Individual coaching is a 100% confidential alliance between two equal and responsible adults. During our private coaching session, we will explore your current life experience and identify what matters most to you. Then we will set SMART goals together and decide on a time-line to reach those goals. Next, we will focus on creating powerful action steps and set clear intentions, based on your desired outcome.



Team Approach to Successful Dating – Large Group Coaching Program:

This powerful coaching program meets seven times, semi-weekly, over the telephone. Each group coaching session runs for 60 minutes and is power-packed with life changing tips, tools and ideas for successful dating. Group members are invited to submit any issues or concerns they have prior to the session for review during the class meetings. The last 30 minutes of the session are set aside for group member who want specific feedback on their dating progress. 



Ten Steps to Your Magnificent Love Relationship- E-Course:

This sophisticated, but simple ten week ecourse is designed to help you attract a partner who wants to be in a committed, long-term relationship. By following the step by step recommendations, you incrementally prepare yourself to receive that special relationship you’ve always wanted. By taking weekly actions steps, you create the momentum needed to attract the experiences and people you need … directly to you! It’s so much easier when you have the Universe working on your behalf to fulfill your dreams!



Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You:

“Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You” is a captivating workbook that contains stories, tips, and questions to stimulate creativity and weekly action steps to take.  This material relates to all ages, races and spiritual philosophies. It works well for finding “true love” the second time around. Whether you are a baby boomer, a member of Generation X, or you are in your golden years, the information in this book will be of great value to you.