Most people claim to be multi-tasking, when what they are really doing is wearing them out by trying to do too many things at once. Multi-tasking is a very misunderstood activity. Here are some tips to help you multi-task effectively without burning yourself out during this holiday period. Try pairing activities.  Try combining one activity that requires a lot of mental attention with something that require little or no mental attention. For example; I cut and arranged fresh flowers and place them in vases, while watching my favorite show “Dancing with the Stars.” Make a plan. Having a written plan helps to identify which things can be done at the same time. It also helps you determine things that can be delegated. Remember, actions done in sequence are far more effective in the long run. Involve the people you cherish in your activities. One of the most difficult things about our busy schedules is having the time to do community service, or other activities and still spend time with the people you love. Use multi-tasking by involving those you love in your activities. Find a community service activity where you can involve your kids, friends, or significant other. Leverage the time of others. Are you someone who feels that you have to do everything yourself? If you can get others to pitch in, the work gets done faster and, technically, you are doing more than one thing at a time. Remember, you do not always have to do something by yourself, to know that you have completed the task. Delegate or hire out. Remember that asking for help from your friends, relatives or co-workers also implies a relationship in which you value their participate in a team effort. If no one is available help you with those tasks then consider hiring someone. A happier you, will rev-up your holiday spirit.

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