There are so many ways to experience dating. For the newly single person the idea of dating can be very intimidating. How can you handle getting in the swing of meeting single people after being out of the game for so long? There are several safe ways to break the ice. One starting point is to announce to family and friends that you are ready to meet someone special. This announcement can be tricky, and needs to be handled diplomatically. You may want to be personally introduced to their friends and circle of friends because some people enjoy playing the role of cupid. I know a woman who asked each of her friends to fix her up with at least one person. The more casual the meeting grounds, (ie. parties, weddings, social functions), the easier it is for you to move on to another person if the vibes are not right. Become honest early in the game. I there is no chemistry between you, let them know that you view them as a friend, not as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Be kind and gentle with them. If you like them, be assertive and mention some way that you can get together with them again.

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