What’s keeping you from releasing the blocks 

sabotaging your love-life?


 The answer lies in just ONE word!

It’s fear. Our limiting beliefs that keep us frozen in time, quietly setting up negative patterns and emotional blocks that holds us back from receiving the love we deserve. They rob us of happiness and fulfillment, but all of that is about to change!

The real secret is … what to do about it.

For too long we, as women, have been stuck in a rut — feeling blocked, frozen, and powerless to move ahead.

And we’d continue to live our lives without real purpose and meeting our goal to attract our soulmate.

Why is that?

Because we’ve been taught that our dreams and wishes don’t matter.

We were taught to doubt ourselves. So then we lost:

  • confidence in our self-worth and our personal power
  • courage to achieve the results we desire
  • awareness of the importance of our gifts and talents
  • skills to fight the inner demons of doubt, fear, and insecurity
  • a vision of what we really want to bring joy and happiness to our lives

As a result, we continue to live without direction … feeling powerless to make changes. So not surprisingly, nothing changes in our lives.

I should know since that was my reality. Most people are stuck in fear and don’t even know it. Remember, luckily you are not alone.

Too many women are stuck … confused … and desperately in need of the one key that can make all the difference. That key is: SETTING CLEAR INTENTIONS!

Once I understood how to set clear intentions and access the Law of Attraction, soon after I met and married my soulmate. SETTING CLEAR INTENTIONS and using THE LAW OF ATTRACTION transformed my life!!!

Without creating conscious INTENTIONS you make poor choices and experience disappointing outcomes …

  • relationships problems
  • loss of peace and happiness
  • dead-end careers paths
  • trouble saying “no” when necessary
  • a sense of loneliness, isolation, frustration and confusion
  • feeling neglected or ignored by friends or family
  • lack of love, attention and support from others

Inside you feel hurt and angry because those closest to you do not seem to understand your dilemma. Survival becomes difficult. Your energy feels depleted and you wish someone would support and listen to you who understands.

The good news is: SETTING CLEAR INTENTIONS isn’t something you are taught in high school.

It’s a powerful skill you can develop – just as I did!

And here’s what I discovered …

Creating clear intentions gives life new meaning and delivers new opportunities.

With clarity, it’s easy to decide who you want to be … what you want to do … and how to get there – without a struggle. Imagine that!

So how do you create the CLEAR INTENTIONS

you are searching for?

That became my ultimate goal. And eventually, I found the solution – because I created it myself.

The Attract Your Soulmate Now Program has the answers you need.

It takes you inside your mind to search for what is preventing you from living the life you most desire.

Then it guides you in releasing all the trapped feelings, emotional pain, suffering, sadness, anger, fear, resentment and other negative behavior patterns that have been hindering the happiness you deserve.

With just a few simple steps you can feel lighter, less burdened, and free to enjoy the beauty, love, passion, gratitude and joy-filled experiences that can be your life. Then you can set clear intentions to create even more joy and love in your life than you ever imagined!

Are you unstoppable when it comes to living a happier life

and sharing it with your soulmate?

If so, this program is designed for you. The entire six-month program is set up for people who really mean business when it comes to finding their perfect love match! Get ready to plunge into an exciting magnetic dating plan that blends the inner and outer approach to relationship fitness! Master Ten Steps to Your Magnificent Relationship and watch magic happen in all areas of your life! Then get ready to let go of struggle and attract more joy and ease into your life!  

This powerful transformational program teaches you how to:

  • Use the Laws of Attraction to simplify your dating efforts.
  • De-clutter your life and open up space for massive love to come in.
  • Don’t just settle for just anyone. Set your relationship standards to high!
  • Stop dead-beat dating patterns. Have much more successful dating now!
  • Nip self-sabotage in the bud once and for all!
  • Become a generous receiver of life’s’ blessings.
  • Let an accountability partner motivate you to get unstuck.
  • Discover the best dating plan for you that makes you magnetically attractive.
  • Write an awesome personal profile that gets the right attention.
  • Step into the world of dating with ease and confidence.
  • Deepen your spiritual connection with yourself and others.

Hard to believe?

I thought so too before I embarked on my own transformation journey. I was at the end of my rope, hating my life, disrespecting myself, and overwhelmed with depression and pain.

Beneath all that pain I was repeating my childhood trauma. I treated myself with the same emotional absence my father did so I perceived myself as being unworthy to receive love.

Little wonder I felt insignificant, invisible and defective. No wonder my first marriage life showed up as painful, heart-less and very disappointing; echoing my father’s emotional abandonment. After years of personal growth studies and professional coach training everything came into focus. Claim, ng my right to receive true love, I shifted out of fear and left my marriage. I then become a single woman empowered to a stand on my own two feet and enjoy my own company.

To get out of a life that didn’t feel good … and into to a life full of joy and peacefulness … I created an innovative program focused on clearing away negative behavior patterns, limiting beliefs, repressed feelings and emotional blocks. After clearing out old relationship baggage and learning to love myself, I was now ready to accept true love into my life.

As a result of all this work, I gained what I most needed:

Bravery to take action and know that I deserved true love. I didn’t stop until I had it!

And you guessed it. I wanted to share the secrets I learned, the insights that changed every aspect of my life. And now I can help make that transformation for you too.

But only if you are ready for real change!

I want to help you create your own fulfilling life. My passion is to support you in   restoring your natural state of joy and peacefulness so you can access your inner courage, wisdom and strength.

With my Attract Your Soulmate Now Program you create space for your authentic self to come to the surface. Only then can your goals, dreams and aspirations be revealed to you. Only then can you be clear about how to achieve what you desire – with clarity and confidence!

How do we work together?

Together, you and I engage in a series of guided inner dialogues that show you how to communicate with the whole of who you really are. You discover what is blocking you from achieving the results you most want in life. You come away feeling safe, protected, capable and trusting – of yourself, your experiences and your value to others.

The program also includes several guided inner practices, and exercises designed to release any sabotaging patterns we discover: negative behaviors, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and pain. 

And there’s no need for reprograming the mind, reading affirmations or other repetitive processes!

How is the program delivered?

We both commit to 24 personal one-on-one weekly sessions of 60 minutes each, using a Facetime or a Skype video call. These sessions sometimes include personalized guided visualizations designed for deeper inner access to finding the answers you need to release the patterns you are ready to discard, personal processing, EFT, action-oriented questioning, and valuable feedback.

There’s also weekly accountability along with exercises that accelerate moving forward at a comfortable yet progressive pace.

Best of all … in just 6 months you will release noticeable blocks and generate outcomes that seemed impossible before.

And that’s just the beginning. The Attract Your Soulmate Now Program is much more than a 24-session package. It’s a total transformation program for creating your life your way. So it evolves along with you to meet your growing aspirations.

Do you see how transformational this can be in all facets of your life?

Through the Attract Your Soulmate Now Program you will discover:

  • how to better communicate with yourself to become your best self 
  • how to come across with confidence that replaces neediness, insecurity or self-doubt
  • how to know who you are, what works for you, what you want to do
  • how to make better choices
  • how to attract and keep relationships that are meaningful, fulfilling and empowered


Most important of all, you’ll gain clarity about …

  • what is preventing you from having the love-life you want 
  • making the right choices about dating that meets your needs, wants and desires
  • how to understand and make peace with your feelings and emotions
  • how to access and trust your own inner guidance
  • how to attract the attention, protection, love, and support you most want from a partner

Keep in mind: This is not about my doing anything to you. It’s all about you mastering positive changes for you. I show you the process and guide you in doing it yourself. Before long you’ll have the skills for tackling life challenges on your own – with confidence, ease and measurable success!

And when you do:

You’ll be empowered to overcome …

  • emotional abandonment and neglect
  • loneliness and isolation
  • people pleasing and boundary issues
  • limiting beliefs, blocks, and trauma
  • feelings of despair, confusion, and emotional pain 
  • lack of attracting healthy relationships

What do others say about working with me through the

Attract Your Soulmate Now Program

Jo Ann, has helped me tremendously to get a clear list of quatlities I would like in a commited relationship. She was able to help me clear all my fears and blocks from past relationships. Jo Ann was able to help me tune in to the traits I want in a man. I have so much clarity and a general peace of mind. I was able to find a way to meet men that was comfortable and felt right for me.  Linda Levesque

So I imagine you’re asking yourself one crucial question:

“What can I expect from the Attract Your Soulmate Now Program?”

The answer is simple. How will you know it’s working for you? The signs will be all around you.

After taking this program you’ll feel …

  • Vitally alive, joyful, happy and satisfied with life
  • More connected to yourself and others
  • Greater acceptance, appreciation, and admiration for yourself
  • Emotionally free to pursue your dreams
  • Inspired to live a life filled with meaning and purpose

With CLARITY comes relief: from pain, regrets, fear, doubts – all the blocks that have been sabotaging your life and keeping you from achieving your deepest goals and desires. All that can change in the next few months. But only you can make that happen. And it starts with signing up for one-on-one coaching program with me If you’re really ready to give yourself a new boost in life, sign up for the individual six-month coaching package now!

Here’s what one happy client as to say:

Jo Ann Simmons is a miraculous life coach, who is passionate in helping others attract their beloved soul mates and partners. Jo Ann gave me the tools to know exactly what I wanted in a husband, to discern what I bring to the table, and to clear the path of my own unconscious resistance. Through her professionalism, life experiences, and intuitive gifts, Jo Ann facilitates healing by lovingly diving deep into wellsprings of important and crucial questions.

Tonya Tolson. C.P.C.


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  •    Access to weekly MP-3 recordings of each coaching sessions for your review

  •  Unlimited online email support for the entire six months of the program (Value $1,000)

  •  BONUS: A FREE one-on-one Create Your Signature Feng Shui Vision Board 2-hour session for living an amazing life – for your home or office. (Value $390) 

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