Most of our lives we are taught to comply with other peoples values and ideas. Just finding your own will power takes patience. “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, and know when to fold’em.” This country and western song tells it like it is. It’s up to you to use your will power to get out there to increase your chances of meeting that special person. On the other hand, don’t become too willful by getting angry that you haven’t met Mr. Right to begin that awesome relationship that you dream about. No matter what, let go of any expectation that keeps you feeling stuck and frustrated. Strike a balance between exercising your will power to reach a goal, and resisting the urge to become willful and demanding. Imagine holding a bird in the palm of your hand. Use your will power to cup your hand and hold it steady while the bird rests in it, at the same time keep your finger curled and in an open position to allow the bird to fly away. The latter part of the image where a great deal of Singles get tripped up. Letting go of expectations are key to being in the flow of life. When you allow flow into your life, you are participating in a fabulous dance.

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